Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Your element: Air
Your ruling planets: Uranus
Symbol: The Water Bearer
Your stone: Amethyst
Life Pursuit: To understand life's mysteries
Vibration: High frequency
Aquarian's Secret Desire: To be unique and original

Aquarius' march to the beat of their own drummer. They are mind-oriented individuals who never stop thinking. Many inventors and explorers have been born under this sign. It has been found that more inventors and people in mental institutions are Aquarius. This sign is extremely humanitarian. They never let their emotions get in the way. Aquarians are outgoing, aimable, and loyal. They attract friends everywhere they go. Aquarius' are the most mysterious and unusual people, no two are alike. They are happiest when they have something to believe in and nurture. They are very intelligent, unique, and have a great sense of humor. Aquarius' have their own original thoughts and actions. They require independence and cannot be held down. Although unemotional, they are kind and love to cheer people up. You never know what to expect with this spontaneous sign.

Aquarians want to do something useful with their lives. They are progressive thinkers and pay a lot of attention to detail. Repitition in their lives causes procrastination. They are rebellious and stubborn and love to do things their own way even if there is a better way to do it. This stubbornness can cause their downfall. Aquarians are intellect driven, not emotionally driven. They always wonder "why" and if their lives are useful. Although they know they are special, they have an underlying insecurity since they are so different. This is why they need to constantly be told that they are appreciated. Aquarius' like to be alone but are outgoing. Everyone is equal in their eyes so they are never one to judge. They never want to hurt anyone and cannot be tied down. Aquarians welcome change and feel that boredom is the enemy. Information taken from AQUARIUS.



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