Monday, June 6, 2011


Your element: Water
Your ruling planets: The Moon
Symbol: The Crab
Your stone: Moonstone
Life Pursuit: Constant reassurance and intimacy
Vibration: Moody
Cancer's Secret Desire: To feel safe (emotionally, spiritually, romantically and financially)
Cancer may seem hard on the outside, like their symbol the crab, but they are also soft and sensitive on the inside. On the bad side, Cancers are jealous, complex, fragile, tempermental, and very contradictive. But on the good side they are caring, compassionate, fascinated, mysterious, alluring, loving, caring, and sentimental. Cancerians, like the moon, go through many different phases in life. They may feel one way right now and totally different in the next minute. Their emotions are like a wild rollercoaster going up and down in and out of loops constantly. Cancers most important value in life is shared between romantic love and their love of money. This sign romances better than any other sign but also takes the biggest hit when love turns sour. They will sulk and wallow in self pity when they are hurt. Cancer has a magic like no other sign. They are independent when it comes to attaining material and physical possessions but very dependent when it comes to emotional support. They constantly crave attention and need people to listen and encourage them. A Cancer that has control over their emotions will be more independent and successful in life.

Cancer is a great friend to lean on and tell problems too. They will always be there for you when you need them but don't except them to pour our their deepst darkest feelings in return. Cancer needs a lifelong trustworthy friend. They also need financial security to help pull them away from their emotions. Cancerians need to be needed. They have mood swings and temper tantrums. A difficulty trusting people. They are so emotional that it gets built up inside and turns to anger and resentment eventually. They will become depressed which makes them miss the beautiful things in life. Hurt feeling happen easily. If Cancers would just get a grip on their emotions they could do anything they wanted to without breaking a sweat. Their minds live in the past meaning that they never let the bad experiences from their lives go and are skeptical of other peoples happiness. Cancers are nurturers who make great parents. They will always want to stay in touch with old friends or even lovers because it is easier than saying goodbye. Most psychics are born to this sign. Cancers have a great ability to read people. They have serious emotional issues but once they overcome their shyness and insecurities they can do absolutely anything! Information taken from CANCER.

Zodiac cancer art

The crab


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