Thursday, June 9, 2011


Your element: Earth

Your ruling planets: Mercury

Symbol: The Virgin

Your stone: Sapphire
Life Pursuit: To do the right thing
Vibration: Compassionate and caring
Virgo's Secret Desire: To love and be loved in return 

Virgos are often said to be narrow-minded and fussy but when they are confident they are the most successfull people of all. A shining Virgo is unmatchable! They are kind-hearted individials that are sometimes taken advantage of and mistreated by others, although they never seem to lose faith in people. Virgos are sensitive and require special treatment. They are very shy and like to make their loved ones happy. Virgos are givers. They are excellent to have around when you are in need. They live to serve people in professions like doctors, nurses, and massage therapists. Virgos are either independent or dependent. They are fully capable of doing things for themselves but sometimes are not as evolved yet so they require help. They are truthful, loyal, and determined but also emotionless and live in denial. You will never guess when a Virgo is down and if somehow you do and try to confront them they tend to change the subject. They like to give life-changing advice to others which may seem controlling but they do it only with the best of intentions.

Virgos like to analyze everything before making a decision. They sometimes over analyze things before making a decision which may make them seem slow. Their minds are powerful enough to make themselves either happy or miserable. Virgos have an unstable temperment because one thing they do hate analyzing or solving is what they are feeling inside. They need organization in their minds and will never show their pain to anyone. Virgos are constantly analyzing and thinking which can tire them out. They need to have conversations that have endings, not conversations that leave you wondering what the answer is or what will happen next. Virgos also make great problem solvers. Information taken from VIRGO

Zodiac Virgo art

The Virgin

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